Meet the family

Pete Brennan

A professional photographer for over 10 years, Pete’ s images have graced the covers of many publications in British Columbia, Canada. Pete has a successful wedding photography business in Vancouver, BC. He also works as a registered nurse in acute medicine at Vancouver General Hospital. Pete is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for climbing, surfing, cycle touring, kayaking, backcountry skiing, kitesurfing and extreme jenga. Pete has 2 long distance cycling trips under his belt. At age 18, he cycled from Sydney to Darwin (6000km) and a few years later, he cycled from Vancouver to Alaska and back (6000km). Pete recently sea kayaked 500 miles up to Alaska with Keara. Pete’s rear end has mostly healed from these trips and he’ s eager to get back in the saddle. Needless to say, the images on this site are all Pete’s beautiful handiwork. Check out for more of his work.

Keara Brennan

Keara is a veterinary surgeon based in England’s gorgeous West Country. As passionate about having fun in the outdoors as she is about playing with cows, Keara can be found making the most of Britain’s fickle conditions at every available opportunity. This may mean surfing, kayaking local rivers and sea spots, climbing rock or barn, warming up by the fire or on the dancefloor. Keara is responsible for most of the text content of this site and apologises profusely for the verbal diarrhoea, and terrible grammar. My childhood early writing promise has long since been beaten from me by years of dry scientific cramming!

Edit Dec 2010: actually Pete’s displaying perhaps even more blogging enthusiasm than me so we’ll take equal blame here. Sadly, the photo skills are all his though!


27 Responses to Meet the family

  1. mary devaney says:

    so proud of my brave niece and nephew!,, go neirigh on bothar libh!!! ( may the road rise to meet you!)
    look forward to keeping in touch with your travels, hope to see you in ireland pre…..

  2. So excited for you both but also a little nervous as what you are about to embark on seems totally CRAZY! Very proud of Keara who I’ve known now for 27 years and who I was honoured to have walking me up the aisle a couple of months ago. Good luck both of you xx

  3. Niall Brennan says:

    Hey guys, good luck with your upcoming cycle. 15,000 km is a loooooooooong way to go! Lots of love, from your little cuz, Niall.

  4. kearab says:

    Thanks lovely friends and family, great to hear from you! Tess, bizarrely I was far more scared walking up the aisle with you than I am about this trip. We’ll be sensible, honest! Hugs xx

  5. Justin Walford says:

    Keara, Pete – I wish you two the very best adventure! My thoughts are certainly with you (as I wish I was!). The photo choices are awesome! Though Keara is does kind of look like you’ve fallen and can’t get up 🙂

    Have an amazing trip! And let us know if we need to go to YVR to find that bike box ourselves!

    • kearab says:

      Come JT, come! And bring that goddamn bicycle! Spot on re photo: day 4 of long days, heavy pack, steep scree, in trainers, in tombstone. But oh so happy! Such a great place…get there! Thanks for all the help, kxx

  6. Kerri Heard says:

    KEARA! this is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I’m sooo jealous of your world adventures!!! literally – so awesome!!!! good luck to you both! p.s – I hope you have the cycling shorts with the padded bums!…major saddle sore!! haha. When your back we have to meet up! x

  7. Hello!!

    Have a great trip! Mine’s just finished 😦

    but I can read yours for vicarious travel, Horay!!

    best of luck!!!


  8. jennifer cunliffe says:

    Hi Keara and Peter
    I heard about the trip from Mum the other day and we had a laugh about the rusty old bike Peter used to get to Darwin. I hope you’re better equipped this time. You’re very brave -and all in Australia wish you well and look forward to following the trip.
    Merry Christmas
    love Jennifer

    • kearab says:

      ….or stupid jen! so far, pete’s actually lost his bike…so he might start the trip on a single speed piece of indian heritage. oops! love to all the ozzie clan! xxx

  9. Rachael Cunliffe says:

    Hi Keira and Peter

    The website is fantastic, and the trip sounds so exciting and daunting. Bit jealous sitting here in my windowless cubicle with flourescent lights above, but will follow your blog and feel a sense of escape. Think we’ll be talking about you at Christmas. I thought there was talk of you moving to Perth for a while too? Lots of outdoorsy stuff to do over here too, as you know. How do we donate? Take care.

    Rachael xx

    • kearab says:

      Hey lovely! We’ll be thinking of you lot tomorrow too….when we stop for a breather on the beach! WA, and beyond, very much on my cards in the next year or 2 so praps we’ll see ya soon! You can donate via Thanks! Big hugs to all the gang xxx

  10. Vinayak Mahendrakar says:

    Hey Buddies Pete & Keara,
    I will never forget meeting you both on the eve of New year at the resort in India,
    I was really fascinated by your noble efforts,Wishing you both all success throughout your journey,
    God Bless You Both

  11. Tom Beale says:

    Hi guys,

    Photos looking awesome so far and impressive amount of K covers especially given the bike issues! Keep it up i’m enjoying the blog. I’m keeping some time free at Easter so fingers crossed we can still arrange a meet up for some cycling fun in Europe, Happy New Year.


    • kearab says:

      cheers tommy B….still looking like greek/croatian coasts around eastertime. once we’ve covered a bit more ground we’ll come up with a plan and let you know (gimme a few weeks!). would be so much fun to hook up! hugs to all xxx

  12. Manus Brennan says:

    Hope ye are having a ball and that the backsides are holding up!!

  13. Isabelle Trottier says:

    Hi Guys,

    The team is booking for Turkey these days. The tournament is gonna be April 7th until 11th. I should arrive in Antalya around April 1st. I am planning to stay until the 19th somewhere close to the sea so that we can windsurf as much as we want. So my free time will be between the 11th and the 19th but you are welcome to come and watch some goalball before!!

    take care guys. I think on you!
    is xxx

  14. Ursula Smith says:

    Keara and Pete-The web site is fantastic.What an amazing adventure you both have embarked upon.Lots of good luck along the way.

    Love Ursula and Jim Smith

  15. Raymond Fernandes says:

    I feel privileged to have come across your website.
    It’s like I have a ringside seat to your adventures.
    I am going to be coming back to see how you both enjoy yourselves (which I am absolutely sure you will do!).
    And I would love to get to know the peoples and the lands you conquer.
    All the very best, Pete and Keara. I wish you a real rocking ride around the world!

  16. sadon from Iran says:

    salam my friends

  17. Lili and Alex says:

    Hey there,

    Just checking in to see where you spent Newroz. We headed back to Akre but it was a bit of a bummer. The drive to Akre however, was one of our best yet through Kurdistan. We ended up back in Duhok and took the west to east approach home… we really enjoyed Duhok. Hope you are having fun and that Turkey is treating you well. Cant wait to here how long it took you to cross the border into Turkey from Iraq. Safe travels,
    Lili and Alex

  18. Cathal O'Gara says:

    The blog is great guys, keep her lit and i shall enjoy meeting up with u on the Emerald Isle.

  19. Shannon says:

    Wow! My name’s Shannon, and I’m a UBC nursing student. I read about your trip on the school of nursing homepage. What an amazing adventure you two are on, and awesome that you’re raising money for charity as well. I worked with non-profit organizations for years before coming to UBC to study nursing, so I admire people who fund raise for charities, and give of their time and effort to help other people out. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

  20. Siobhan Cunliffe says:

    Well guys – I finally donated so feel like I can respond – great job with the cycling – we aren’t regular readers but one morning just after 1 April Dan layed in bed next to me and read the blog out from start to finish – the baby leapt around inside of me obviously (hopefully) fascinated by your journey – maybe an adventurer in our midst – I must say when Jen first told us about your journey she did ponder where you came from and I felt that the adventurous streak was potentially from your fathers side of the family as it doesn’t seem to be appearing much in our brennan side or the o’sullivans.

    Anyway good luck with the rest of the journey and the fundraising – I actually passed on your blog to my neighbour who is a keen biker but just around the local areas – he might set his sights further a field now.

    love Siobhan, Dan, Hannah, Niamh and small baby still inutero…

  21. Lynn Temple says:

    Hi guys -saw Carmel to-day and just ,at last read your blog-brilliant !We all admire your willingness to set out on such an adventure:great stamina ,courage,stunning photos and wonderfully descriptive and humerous prose.
    Good luck and safe cycling for the last bit -wee Donegal beckons !
    From Lynn and all the Temple family

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