India to Ireland

Years of studying, working and of course, playing, have finally brought both Pete and Keara to a stage in our lives where we can commit to one of those ideas often-discussed but rarely completed.

A 6 month, 11000km, self-supported cycle ride from Goa to our native town of Donegal. Whilst fulfilling our own dream, we are hoping to also make a little difference along the way. We aim to raise £1 for every km cycled for the organisation Room to Read which works to improve educational opportunities for children in the developing world.

Our passion for exercise and the outdoors has been fundamental in the blessed happy lives we have led. We would love to think we might inspire others to get out there and get involved, even when things look a little bleak. For us there is nothing better.

Our planned route starts in Goa, India then cycling through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, England and Ireland. The trip will finish in our parent’ s home town of Donegal, Ireland. The route has been chosen with careful consideration of both meteorological and political climates as well as providing immersion in a huge variety of cultures and landscapes. We will start pedalling on December 13th 2010 and finish in early July 2011.

PS – don’t be fooled into thinking this is only something you can acheive with IronMan training and stamina. We managed a few spinning classes and a couple of hundred km before leaving. So far, so good!


12 Responses to India to Ireland

  1. Kevin Brennan says:

    Streuth! You are both beautifully insane in adventure. I reckon Keara will turn out to be quite a blogger (but that it is a quid pro quo from the trip photographer…!). Happy planning, see you in London on the 12th. x

  2. Ciaran Mulhall says:

    All the best with the trip – 17,000kms is quite the adventure. Be proud of yourselves as you’re reminded with every difficult repitition along the way…a jar or two of Guinness will only taste that much better once you reach Tyrconnell (maybe even a jar or two of the whisky as well). Though you can’t hear us, we’re cheering you on.

  3. Alison Bembridge says:

    You are both nut cases! Have an amazing time. You will have stories for the rest of your lives with a journey like this. Good luck and take care of yourselves. xx

  4. Vinay Menon says:

    Hey, u guys sure have a drive to get the insanity rolling! Have a Great trip!

    I read about the misplaced bike… hope u guys get it in time to start the journey!

    Enjoy the ride…

  5. Will says:

    Happy Birthday Pete,
    Glad you’re finally on your way. Jo and I are at Neil and Sally’s thinking of you toiling away on your Indian special. Have a curry on us,
    Will, Jo, Xanthe, Neil, Sally and bump.

  6. margaret collins says:

    hey you crazy guys ! Hope you are both ok. Loved your packet of fabrics Keara, and I couldn’t sleep for days wondering what I would make from them. But I found the solution and will mail it to your parents – a little prezzie for you to remember your trip. Hope you like it. ( very colourful !!!) Stay healthy !

  7. Alice Kelly, Hall Demesne, Mountcharles, co. donegal says:

    God, you guys are living life to the full, and the photos are beautiful, looking forward to seeing you in July, hope all goes well for you both,

  8. Sanjay A says:

    Dear Pete & Keara,
    I wish you best of luck for the ride.
    Would be touching Delhi on your way? If you are, please let me know the dates, I wish to organise a small pleasant `surprise’ for you !
    And I have a close friend who will probably catch you in Donegal !
    Cheers to life !
    A Skydiver & EverestMarathon runner…

  9. Sinisa says:

    Just to say hello.
    You visited my Computer shop this moning. (Bijela, Monntenegro)
    Have a nice trip!

  10. Tineke Van de Walle says:

    Hi Pete,

    I met you today in Aalter. You asked about biking in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium). Well, we have our biking tradition. Biclycle racing is very popular in Flanders. It was already very popular in the inter-war period. The legendary racers from these times are called ‘Flandriens’, a name of honor for those who fought the cobbled roads and won. Some of the most famous bycicle racers in Flanders were/are Briek Schotte, Walter Godefroot, Roger De Vlaminck (Monsieur Paris-Roubaix), Edy Merckx and (now) Tom Boone. Apart from cycle racing, track cycling and cyclo cross are very popular in Flanders. Especially cyclo cross, cycling through the woods, in the mud… (We have our champion Sven Nys). In Flanders everybody has a bike. The land is flat, everything is close… so it is most handy… we also have good public transport, so we cycle to the train station and off we go. It is also a way to avoid the traffic-jam… The last years sports is also becoming more popular in Flanders. Mostly with higher educated people who work at a desk. This has to do with health policy and sports policy, with the role of the media, the example of professional racers, the example of friends, the fear to become fat and the wish to have challenges outside the office, the social network aspect…

    Like I said, I’m a cycler too (a little one).
    We go racing with a group of 7-8 girls…
    With my boy friend I bought some trekking bikes. We’ll start modestly. This summer we’ll ride from Aalter to Brugge (I think the same route you are doing today), then to Dunkerque, and to Boulogne sur mere… and come back going through what we call here ‘the land of hills. Next summer we will go from near to Paris, to Avignon…

    I’ll hope you have found the canal.
    Wish you all the luck…

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