The Bike Doctor on Broadway, a kick ass bike shop with outstanding customer service, a great bike selection and friendly experienced bike techs




Icebreaker are the world’s leading suppliers of beautiful merino wool garments. We’ll be enjoying their smell free base layers and trialling their new cycling shorts on our journey. Thanks icebreaker!


BOB Trailers – Thanks to the lovely folk at BOB for replacing our lost (by the airline) trailers FOC. And for making blimming marvellous trailers!

mec_logo_v1_m56577569830950734.gifThanks to the lovely folk at MEC for our ‘Paddle to Alaska’ grant. MEC rocks. Need we say more?!

Unfortunately Alaska/Iceland Air lost a bike box containing much of our equipment including tent, sleeping bags, goretex, warm weather gear, bike and trailer. We have scrimped together various items from Indian markets but are still looking to replace many items with good quality gear. Please get in touch if you can help.

How can we help you?
Our expedition will involve taking your products and thrashing them everyday for7 months, we’ re keen to abuse your gear and provide constructive feedback regarding its functionality.

We can offer sponsors pride of place on this site with active links directly to your website. As part of our fundraising and awareness building efforts we will be involving local media in England, Ireland and Canada before we leave as well as involving international media along our route. At all opportunities sponsors will be mentioned and thanked.

Pete will be capturing high resolution imagery of the entire trip captured though Canon DSLRs and L series lenses. In appreciation for your kind assistance, you will have access to Pete’ s image bank for advertising and marketing purposes.

If we can be of any other assistance, please let us know.

Expedition Documentation
Pete Brennan has been shooting professionally for 10 years and will be bringing an extensive range of lenses on the trip. Pete’s imagery can be seen at http://www.oneearthphotography.com and regularly inside the covers of many British Columbian travel publications. Pete will be photographing the entire trip and posting regular photo updates on this website. He plans to not only document the cultures and landscapes along the route but also the team dynamics, providing a detailed portrayal of the realities of cycling 15000 km with your baby sister!

Pete’ s equipment list includes:
Canon DSLR – Canon 7d. Canon Lenses – L series 70-200 mm f2.8 zoom lens,EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel we can help each other out!


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